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Follow our Checklist and buy your next home like a pro!

Don’t stress when buying a home! Here at Song Real Estate, we will help you get started, sort out the details, and find a home that’s right for you! So print off this checklist and put it somewhere you won’t forget it, and you won’t have to worry about forgetting even one of these important steps!

Call Song Real Estate!

Don’t start your home search without first contacting our hardworking Real Estate Team!  We can provide you with all of the resources, advice, and assistance you will need when looking for the perfect home.  Our buyers’ agents will make your job infinitely easier, and we’re just one phone call away!

Find out how much you can afford.

Calculate your income and debt.  Figure out your credit score, and have your realtor do some research with you to determine what you can afford.

Get pre-approved.

Carefully consider your mortgage options and find the mortgage lender that is right for you.  Song Real Estate can recommend a trustworthy, local loan officer for you.  Pre-approval shows sellers that you are serious about buying a house and also that you are financially able to.

Know what kind of home you are looking for.

Think about the features that you want your home to have, figure out which ones are PRIORITIES and which ones are PREFERENCES.  Along with the attributes of the house, consider the neighborhood, schools, and community.  Know exactly what you want, but keep your finances in mind as well.

Find your home!

This is where your realtor comes in.  At Song Real Estate we go above and beyond to help you find the perfect home for you and your family.  Our experts will do all the research, browse through local properties, give you free consultation, meet with you regularly, research each individual home, and show you houses that are ideal for YOU.  Our realtors view local listings daily and will work with you FULL TIME to find the perfect home.

Negotiate an offer.

Your Realtor will help you determine the purchase price and make an offer.  Your offer will include any contingencies you decide on and any special requests or repairs you want done before moving in.  When both you and the seller agree on a purchase price, you will sign a sales agreement and choose a move-in date.

Finalize the deal.

Get a Home appraisal as well as a professional home inspection. Don’t hesitate to use the appraisal and inspection reports to re-negotiate your offer if it’s necessary.  You will now need to make a down payment, but first you should review all of the paperwork, go over the details with your realtor, and do a final walk-through of the house. Take your time.  Now all that’s left to do is move in!


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