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Junction City, Oregon Real Estate The City Between Two Roads & Home of Song Real Estate

Junction City, Oregon is a quaint thriving community oriented town located between U.S Route 99. To the north of Junction City you will discover Harrisburg, Corvallis and Monroe, Oregon.  To the south, roughly a 15 minute commute, you will discover the suburbs of Eugene, Oregon. The population of Junction City, Oregon in 2018 was roughly 6,182 community members strong.

Junction City supports local businesses and members are involved to ensure our community is kept safe from crime and violence.  In fact, in 2019 Junction City, Oregon ranked as one of the safest areas to live in Oregon by FBI crime statistics.  

Every year thousands of people visit Junction City, Oregon in August for the communities famous, Scandinavian Festival. This four-day event celebrates the legacy, culture and heritage of Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway.  In addition, this is a “Function 4 Junction Event” every year that showcases a parade of vintage cars and truck.  

The Junction City community supports local businesses and there is a strong pride of ownership amongst homeowners and community members. Come visit Junction City and check out the local restaurants and businesses.  

Junction City is the hometown for Song Real Estate and we are very proud to have our business in such a great community!


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