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Santa Clara Real Estate Beautiful Homes Can Be Found in the Santa Clara Neighborhood

Santa Clara is an unincorporated area part of which is a neighborhood in Eugene. Its population is approximately 20,000 and, due to its location right on the banks of the Willamette River, it is equipped with plenty of parks, community gardens, trails, and other wonderful ways to enjoy the beauty and diversity that Eugene has to offer. This area has more outdoor activities than you can think of and there’s always something to do along the Willamette River.  The area’s beautiful historic landmarks, excellent shopping opportunities, and heritage programs offer a little for everyone! This neighborhood is very environmentally conscience and the area offers many options for green transportation and environmental living. To top it all off, the area has exquisite parks and schools and is ideal for families. To see a complete list of homes in this area, click on the link above or contact Song Real Estate today!