Join Our Team

    Join Our Team

    If you are looking for an exciting career in real estate, look no further than the  Song Real Estate Team at Hybrid Real Estate…

     The Song Real Estate Team is a group of smart mined individuals who share a strong trusted team environment.  Members are part of a supportive family network that enjoys working & learning together on and off the field.

    The Song Real Estate Team shares the good, bad and ugly parts of our profession with each other in a high energy, uncensored, entertaining environment.  Our team is in it to win it with friendly competition and 24×7 group synergy. “MEOW”


    • Member of the Song Real Estate Team receive the best local one on one real estate training in the business
    • Our powerful lead generating programs are constantly working to supply team members with added business opportunities
    • 24 hours access to spacious office suites, desks, conference room, internet & printing capabilities
    • On-site administrative staff support and transaction coordinating
    • Weekly team “brain storming” sessions and accountability meeting
    • Answers and assistance with your real estate questions and concerns in a timely manner
    • Several offices throughout Lane County to work from and meet clients at
    • Possibly the lowest desk/office fees in the county-NO team desk/team office fees
    • Checks delivered extremely fast after a closing (usually 24-48 hours)
    • No marketing expenses
    • We offer structure and systems that create results!
    • 24-7 team support that fosters a learning environment
      These are just a few reasons the Song Real Estate Team at Hybrid Real Estate out performs all other local real estate teams!

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