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    Song Real Estate Is Growing!

    In October of 2014, Song Real Estate opened it’s first Hybrid Real Estate branch office in Veneta, Oregon at 88082 Territorial Road.  The team quickly grew from 2 Realtors and an Office Manger to now 4 Buyers Agents, a Listing Agent, an Office Manager and a couple part time office staff.  As the team has grown, the need for “elbow room” has increased.

    Song Real Estate recently purchased a second commercial building in Veneta, Oregon located at 24983 Dunham  Avenue.  This 1250 square foot building  is a few blocks from the current office off Territorial Road and will provide individual office space for each Buyers Agent on the Song Real Estate Team.  Owner of Song Real Estate, Arica Song stated, “Our new office will provide agents on the team  the freedom to communicate with their clients in a uninterrupted environment free from distractions.  Each office will be roughly 10′ x10′ and agents on the team will be able to personalize their own office space as they see fit.”

    The new office at 24983 Dunham will ensure that the agents on the Song Real Estate Team have the ability to meet and exceed the goals they have set for themselves and the team. The new office will also feature a large conference room for team meetings, potlucks, role playing events, seminars and miscellaneous company functions.  Currently the office is under extensive construction with plans for completion by the end of January 2015.

    The Song Real Estate Team sets obtainable individual and team goals throughout the year.  The Song Real Estate Team intends to close at least 175 homes in 2015.  If you or someone you know is looking to buy or sell a home in the coming year, please call the Song Real Estate Team at 541-935-8855. We would love to help!


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