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Space Saving Solutions Part I: The Living Room

When you went to look at the house that has now become your home, you probably filled your head with fantasies about how you would decorate, where your furniture would go, and what you would buy to make the home unique and personal.  It’s so exciting to finally be able to use the all the DIY home decorating ideas you’ve been saving on Pinterest for years. It can be impossible to make all of your decorating aspirations into a reality, however, when you have limited space. Whether your new home is smaller than your last living space or simply not as large as you wish it could be, it’s always nice to have extra entertaining space and storage room. Here are some practical and decorative ways to maximize the space in each and every room.

In the Living Room:

The first rule of maximizing space in any area of your home is to look up instead of down.  You can add shelves almost anywhere there is available wall space so think outside the box! Install some shelves above doorways, encircle a room with them high on the wall, put glass shelves across deep-set windows, and line your hallway with them for books, pictures, and knickknacks. High shelves are the perfect place to stash seasonal items, books, linens, and more.

100_1260             If you have a corner that’s not in use, find a corner bookshelf that goes up as high as possible.  You can also get tall stacking drawers that can be used to store anything that you wouldn’t want on display for the world to see.

Corner Bookshelf

            When you live in a small space, command hooks are your new best friend (second to shelves, of course). They are inexpensive, easy to move around, and can be used for almost anything if you are creative enough! This lifehacker blog shows some more unconventional uses for command hooks, but you can always just use them to hang hats and purses as well! My family uses them to hang coats, hide cords or cables, and mount things from the celling.


            Use large pieces of furniture! Lazy Boy chairs and personal tables are impractical and they waste floor space. Sofas and ottomans reduce visual clutter and create more seating room in less space.  Slender-armed or armless sofas and loveseats can increase your seating space as well.  And when you go to buy a sofa, ottoman, end table, or window seat consider getting furniture with additional built-in storage space. They are more common than you might think and they often offer the extra bit of storage space that you need.

 sofa bed with storage

            As far as walls go, you can use some of the last remaining shelf-less space for a mirror. If you put one in such an unexpected room, it can really spice up the place while making the area appear larger than it is.

If you are crafty with tools, you can research instructions on how to build recessed niches for extra storage and display space inside hollow interior walls.

 Recessed niches

             These are just some of the many creative ideas for saving space in your home. Which ones have you tried? Stay on the lookout for more Space Saving Solutions for your small house. Or, if it’s time for you to upgrade entirely, call The Song Real Estate team Today!

Arica Song and Jim Mitchell

Song Real Estate


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