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    • Tips & Tricks to Get Your Real Estate Offer Accepted In Todays Housing Market!

    Tips & Tricks to Get Your Real Estate Offer Accepted In Todays Housing Market!

    Tips & Tricks to Get Your Real Estate Offer Accepted In Todays Housing Market!

    With less than three months of inventory in our local Lane County real estate market, homes are often selling during the first few days/ weeks they are listed if they are priced right and look good.  The Song Real Estate Team at Hybrid Real Estate has brainstormed several ways to ensure you offer gets selected over all other offers.

    1. Increase your down payment- having a larger down payment than others looks as a positive to sellers.
    2. Cash and conventional loans often look more appealing to sellers than other forms of financing.
    3. Quick close dates- Often lenders can close transaction in 30 days or less. This looks much better than 45-60 day closing  to motivated sellers especially if the home is vacant.
    4. Write your offer with the home being sold “As Is”.  This makes the seller feel confident that a buyer will not come back after a home inspection and “beat them up” on simple repairs.
    5. Escalation clauses- Ask a Song Real Estate Buyers Agent about escalation clauses.  Our team knows how to write them correctly and can protect your best interests when writing an offer.
    6. Ask over full price for a property if you really love it.  I often tell buyers to put a “line in the sand”, the top price they are willing to pay for a property and the price that won’t make them feel bad if they do not get the home.
    7. Increase your earnest money.  Earnest money goes towards your down payment and is refundable up to the expiration dates of your inspection and due diligence periods.
    8. Shorten your inspection period. 10 business days should be more than enough time to conduct needed inspections.
    9. If you are requesting a seller pay your closing costs and pre paid expenses- do so in the form of a dollar figure versus a percentage.  People get nervous with simple math equations when it comes to the larges purchase/ sale of their life
    10. KISS- Keep It Simple Silly!  Clean offers get accepted over long drawn out hard to read offers.

    For assistance with buying or selling real estate in the Lane, Linn and Benton County Areas please call the Song Real Estate Team at Hybrid Real Estate. 541-935-8855.


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