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    Veneta, Oregon and Chickens in City Limits

    Arica Song

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    While chicken coops are becoming à la mode within the metropolitan areas of Oregon, residents of Veneta should keep in mind and remain compliant with the city’s land ordinances. 

    According to Article Four of Land Development Ordinance 493, non-domestic livestock are only allowed in areas of Veneta zoned as Rural Residential or Single Family Residential. The size of a lot determines what kinds of animals may be raised there. For example: residents may not house chickens on a of lot of 6,000 square feet. Animals, chickens, and/or other fowl should also be properly cared for while appropriate sanitation should be maintained at all times.

    The city’s staff is still in limbo within the research of livestock, but once the task is complete, the City Council may update or amendthe land development ordinance to allow the cultivation of more non-domesticcreatures.

    For more information on the Veneta’s current rules concerning animals within city limits, please review the land development ordinance online at:

    For more information on Veneta, Oregon real estate, please contact our office at:

     Song Real Estate-Hybrid Real Estate
    Office: 541-935-8855



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