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Why Eugene is Just Right for Families

There are many important things for growing families to consider when moving into a new home. Every home buyer has a ton of details to worry about, but families have some very specific features to keep an eye out for during the home search.  It can be hard to remember all of the little things when it comes to what you should look for in a new town or neighborhood, so it is critical that you and your family take the time to get to know the city you are moving to.

One of the more apparent decisions that families must make before moving to a new area is which school your children will go to.  Oregon has many High-ranking public and private schools, and you may want to explore different schools in the area you are looking at moving to.  You should research additional information about the local school districts in order to find a school that best fits your needs.

Some other things you should look into are your new town’s recreational opportunities, cultural events, religious institutions, employment opportunities, commuting distance, property values, and cost of living.  Not to mention the general “feel” of the city and how comfortable you feel in the area.

Eugene is a wonderful place to raise a family. This city has an abundance of wonderful art and outdoor life.  It is full of incredible wildlife and ways to enjoy it!  Its natural surroundings and consistent championing for physical activity make Eugene the ideal place to raise active, culturally competent children.

The area is filled with many great parks and playgrounds that kids love, including the 373 acre Alton Baker Park and the beautiful Amazon Park recreational area of nearly 100 acres.  Both locations have countless playgrounds, sports fields, skate parks, public art displays, hiking and biking trails, and fishing locations, as well as an outdoor pool, volleyball courts, basketball courts, boating areas, and picnicking areas.

Eugene, being the second largest city in Oregon, has all of the amenities and recreational opportunities that your family could dream of.  There are also plenty of museums, art galleries, and other opportunities that will be fun for the entire family. To top it off, everything tends to be within biking distance, and there are bike trails everywhere you go.

Moving can be very stressful, especially when you are relocating your whole family.  So find some time before you start your home search to talk our team at Song Real Estate and let us help you find a home that’s just right for your family.


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