In February of this year I sent out some information regarding accessory dwelling units to a huge list of past clients.  I have attached that flyer below so that you may learn more about what an accessory dwelling unit is.  Since last February, I have had several people ask me questions about how to get started with an ADU (accessory dwelling unit) in Lane County. 

Today I found this information on the website and felt it worthy of sharing for anyone who might be interested in building an ADU on their Eugene, Oregon property. 

Maybe this will help generate an additional income stream for you as you consider moving to the Eugene area?  Possibly you live in Eugene or the surrounding area and are interested in providing additional housing to a loved one?  I know that Springfield, Oregon and many other cities throughout Oregon are now implementing similar ADU plans to assist with our housing shortage.  In the near future I believe we will see more and more individuals looking at this building option.  Eugene is currently offering seven different pre designed floorpans to choose from and has started a 10 year loan program for SDC (Standard Development Charges) that can deter many owners from moving forward based on costs.

Below is a link to information o approved accessory dwelling unit floorpans and various information regarding building an ADU on your Eugene property.,zones%20(whichever%20is%20smaller).

Below please find some general information/ facts about building an ADU (accessory dwelling unit) on your Eugene property.

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