Based on the latest findings from ATTOM, October remains a favorable month for U.S. homebuyers, but the single most advantageous day to make a home purchase is in January.


In an in-depth analysis of over 47 million single-family home and condo sales spanning the last decade, ATTOM reveals that those closing on a home on January 9th enjoy the smallest premium above the automated valuation model (AVM). While the premium still hovers above market value, it's a modest 3.8 percent, significantly lower than the 14.4 percent premium observed on May 28th.


Several other days throughout the year also offer attractive premiums for prospective homebuyers. Notable dates include December 4th (4.4 percent above market value), October 9th (4.4 percent), October 2nd (4.5 percent), October 10th (4.5 percent), and September 7th (4.6 percent).


When considering the best months to buy a home nationwide, the study highlights October as the most advantageous, with a 6.2 percent premium above market value. Following closely are September (6.8 percent), November (6.8 percent), December (6.9 percent), and August (7.6 percent).


The analysis also breaks down the best months to buy by state, revealing the states where homebuyers can secure the most significant discounts below full market value. Michigan takes the lead with a remarkable -2.6 percent in October, followed by New Hampshire (-2.1 percent in December), Hawaii (-1.8 percent in June), New Jersey (-1.7 percent in February), and Illinois (-1.6 percent in October). These insights provide valuable information for those considering a home purchase, allowing them to strategically plan their buying decisions for optimal financial benefits.


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