Renovating your home and fixing it up can be stressful and confusing, but you should know what kind of things you should and shouldn't DIY. You must consider, time, money, safety, and a variety of other things when choosing to work on a project. If safety is a concern or if a permit is required, you should definitely hire a professional that can make sure that you are safe and that the project won't pose problems. If you have the time and abilities to do a project yourself, it might be better if you do it yourself. It is all up to the individuals but remember that professionals are here for a reason! Make sure you are staying safe and that your project turns out how you want it to. Ask your preferred Real Estate Agent for good recommendations on professionals, we deal with them too when we help someone move into a new home! Song Real Estate knows and works regularly with a lot of vendors in Lane County so reach out to us if you have any Real Estate needs! (541)-935-8855.